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I try to be as responsive as I can to feature requests that I get via email, especially when the author makes a good point. :) This week, a fellow user asked me about my timeline for adding encryption to the data stream to improve security. He correctly noted that I had promised earlier to add it at some point in the future...

Rather than belittling this person for having the audacity to make me, you know, stick to my word, I instead have decided to get to work on encryption for the data traversing the pipe. Right now, I'm about 50% done, but given a hectic schedule the next few weeks, I'm not sure exactly when this work will be finished. But it is in the works and will be available quite soon for you security nuts (this is not a put-down, I'm right in the same camp with you!).

Another feature that will be available at the same time (which is actually already done and tested) is pwdump having the ability to skip doing password histories. In certain cases, the functions necessary to obtain the histories is not available, and previously would result in pwdump not displaying anything at all. Now it should actually display the results it is capable of displaying.


Unbeknownst to me, this type of pwdump does not seem to work on NT 4. I'm contemplating whether I'll add support for the 30 remaining NT 4 boxen that anyone gives a crap about, but I'm really not inclined to do that sort of work for a pretty small return on investment.


Official 1.0.0 release day! w00t!! :)


Finally got the pwdump6 home page up and running. Sorry for the delay.