CoffeeWars 4: Credits, Thanks, and Greets

At CoffeeWars, the most important thing is coffee. But the second most important thing is paying respect to the many individuals and groups who make CoffeeWars possible.

First and foremost, our thanks go out to:

And now, we introduce the staff:

But wait, there's more-- there would be no results whatsoever without the rest of the judges:

A lot of people came with coffee entries, but we couldn't accept them. There was just too much coffee this year, and the number of contestants exceeded our capacity even before 10:00AM. We were very sorry to have turned folks away-- it wasn't part of the plan, and we'd like to take a moment to honor the would-be coffee warriors whose entries couldn't get judged this time around.

Apologies once again to all these Followers of the Bean, and an extra round of apologies to those whose names we didn't catch (and who therefore didn't get mentioned here).

Finally, we send out our coffee-soaked love to the following very fine individuals whom we didn't see, for whatever reason:

No doubt some folks have been overlooked. No dout also that some great deeds have gone unmentioned. This is the sad and unintentional byproduct of the huge and unexpected amount of enthusiasm and participation we had this year. All I can say is that we were thrilled by the number and variety of contributions and help we received at CoffeeWars 4, and we hope to be better prepared to do them justice next year.

Thanks again, everyone.

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