Medusa Parallel Network Login Auditor :: NCP

JoMo-Kun / jmk "AT" foofus "DOT" net

The NCP module tests accounts against the NetWare NCP service. This module was developed using a NetWare 5.1 host as the target.

This module requires ncpfs. The ncpfs package must also be installed using the "install-dev" option. This installs both the ncpfs header files and the static libncp library. A modified Gentoo ebuild has been included in the /misc/net-fs/ncpfs directory which includes a USE flag for this option.

The module has a single option, CONTEXT. It should be noted that libncp does not by default automatically specific a user context. If it fails to resolve the name provided it appends the server's context to the username and attempts to resolve that value. It is advised that users specify a context for each account being tested. A global context can be specified using the CONTEXT option. A per-user context can be defined as part of the account name within a file containing usernames or the username passed via the command-line.

The following examples demonstrate several uses of the NCP module:

Libncp, by default, also uses both the NDS and BIND authenticators. Unfortunately, the only error message returned to the module is that of the BIND authenticator. These messages are not as descriptive as NDS and only seem to report success or failure. In order to have more useful messages (account disabled/max logons exceeded/etc.), create a ~/.nwclient or /etc/ncpfs.conf file with the following text:

NetWare Protocol = NDS

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