Medusa Parallel Network Login Auditor :: POP3

JoMo-Kun / jmk "AT" foofus "DOT" net

The POP3 module tests accounts against the POP3 service.

The module has a single option, MODE. If left unset, the default behavior is to check for either "+" or "-" in the server's response to see if the attempt was successful.

If the server being tested in an AS/400, the module should be executed using the option -m MODE:AS400. This will result in the -ERR message being returned to be parsed for addition information. This is based on information gathered from the following document: Enumeration_of_AS400_users_via_pop3.pdf

The module supports both POP3 (110/tcp) and POP3S (POP3 protocol over TLS/SSL) (995/tcp). In addition, it supports the POP3 STARTTLS extention, as defined in Medusa will submit a "STLS" command to the target server. If a positive response is returned, a TLS session will be initiated.

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