Medusa Parallel Network Login Auditor :: RDP

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The RDP module tests accounts against the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) / Terminal Service. It should be noted that will only work with target systems running Microsoft 2008 and later. Tests against Microsoft XP/2003/etc, will always report that the logon was successful.

This module requires FreeRDP. The pass-the-hash option is also only available if FreeRDP version 1.2 or greater is installed.

Pre-built binaries of the FreeRDP master branch are available at Builds are available for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and OpenSUSE. The nightly builds are installed into /opt/freerdp-nightly and can be installed in parallel with the distribution's regular freerdp package. If Medusa detected this version during its build process, it should have built against it over any other installed version of FreeRDP.

For example, the following worked for Kali 2.0 on 2015/11/04:
- Visit:,distribution=jessie,label=pkg-deb/
- Download: freerdp-nightly_1.2.1+0~20151104024829.185~1.gbpb83356_amd64.deb
- Download: freerdp-nightly-dev_1.2.1+0~20151104024829.185~1.gbpb83356_amd64.deb
- Install: dpkg -i freerdp-nightly*
- Update run time path: echo /opt/freerdp-nightly/lib/ >> /etc/; ldconfig - Build Medusa: ./configure;make

The following examples demonstrate several uses of the RDP module:

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